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Veterinary Assistant
Although she’d always had a soft spot for animals, Elyse didn’t know she would find herself working in the veterinary profession one day. When she first applied to be a veterinary employee, she was just looking for something a little different. Now, Elyse’s work is much more than a job—it’s her true passion!

Elyse first joined the Animal Hospital of McHenry family in November of 2011. Her favorite part of the workday is the wide variety of things she gets to do and the multitude of different pet personalities she’s able to interact with on a daily basis.

At home, Elyse has several pets. She shares her life with two cats named Noah and Summer; a rescued mouse who goes by Mousy; and multiple fish.
Veterinary Assistant
Karen grew up in Deerfield, Illinois, where she got her first dog at the age of three and began riding horses when she was only four years old. All her life, she’s been interested in helping animals—Karen is thrilled to continue her veterinary journey as a member of the Animal Hospital of McHenry team!

Karen started her animal-care career at a large-animal facility, then became a state-certified large-animal investigator. After working a number of other jobs in various fields, she accepted a position at another local small-animal practice before joining the Animal Hospital of McHenry family.

Karen and her husband have three children and six grandchildren. They share their home with two dogs—a Labrador named James Brown and a mixed-breed named Minnie—as well as three horses and a pony. Karen trained, taught, coached, and showed horses for many years, and is happy to now share her knowledge and love of these wonderful creatures with her grandchildren.
Veterinary Assistant
Stacy grew up in a small Wisconsin town, where she spent a lot of time on the family farm. Her passion for animals was apparent quite early—she remembers getting reprimanded frequently for bringing critters into the house! As fate would have it, Stacy’s love of animals has come full circle. Now, she’s able to help pets on a daily basis as a Veterinary Assistant.

Stacy’s veterinary journey began several years ago when she took a reception job at a specialty practice in Buffalo Grove. When her son was born, she took a few years off before getting back into the workforce part-time as a waitress. As her son grew a bit older, Stacy was ready to transition back into day work and knew that a veterinary clinic was the only place for her—that’s when she joined the Animal Hospital of McHenry team. As an Assistant, she’s especially fond of performing dental cleanings and chatting with pet parents during check-ins. Stacy never tires of a cute animal story!

Much of Stacy’s free time is spent reading, a hobby that she’s happy to say has been passed down to her son. The family lives with several pets of their own: Jinx, a rambunctious pit bull who still thinks he’s a puppy; an elderly cat named Cricket who loves giving Jinx the cold shoulder; a pair of crested geckos; and a corn snake.
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    • Mark StrangesMark Stranges

      Can’t say enough about how great Animal Hospital of McHenry has been. Dr. Schmitt and staff are very caring and knowledgeable. I used to go to another vet in town and it was always a stressful experience for the dogs (and me). At animal hospital of mchenry it’s stress free, with a great level of care for a reasonable price. If you’re going somewhere else you’re missing out.

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    • Christine ZickusChristine Zickus

      So very glad to have found Dr. Tammy Schmidt at Animal Hospital of McHenry!
      Just adopted a senior shih-poo 2 months ago & have seen Dr. Schmidt & her staff twice. Cannot say enough about the care & compassion of Dr. & her staff! Her follow-up calls were really appreciated & everyone there genuinely cares about your pet's health!
      There is no intimidation to run unnecessary tests & fees are fair & affordable! 5 Stars all the way!

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    • Cindy StockmanCindy Stockman

      Dr. Tammy and the staff truly care about your pets. I always feel my pup Lucy gets the best care every visit.

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    • Barbara BrunnerBarbara Brunner

      I had my first appointment scheduled with this veterinarian for today with our cat and dog for vaccinations. But yesterday our inside/outside cat got snatched by a hawk. She got herself free but sustained 2 broken ribs and puncture wounds. I called the office and was told to bring her as soon as possible even though they were booked solid. The staff was amazing.

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    • Lynne GeuzendamLynne Geuzendam

      Our dog was recently diagnosed with diabetes, and Dr. Schmitt has been very helpful. She is genuinely concerned and takes the time to explain what needs to be done to keep him healthy. We decided in December to take our dogs to the Animal Hospital of McHenry, on a friend's recommendation, after going to another local vet clinic for many, many years. We're very happy we switched and trust the advise Dr. Schmitt has given us. The diabetes diagnosis was sudden and unexpected, and our fears have been put to rest thanks to Dr. Schmitt. Her staff is great, too!

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    • Jenna K.Jenna K.

      We just love Dr Schmidt! She's very minimal in her treatment when she can be and moves along slowly to figure things out. She speaking common terms to make... Read More


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